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87.5 Mini USB 1.6mm PCB Group Buy

87.5 Mini USB 1.6mm PCB Group Buy

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Image shown is a simplified render.  Actual PCB will have the same Otus designed traces and glass diodes that you've come to love, but in yellow this time.
  • B87 footprint with TGR O-Ring compatibility & daji O-Ring compatibility
  • F12 & F13 compatibility
  • FR4 
  • Nickel traces/pads
  • No ground plane
  • STM32 MCU
  • Snap away USB tab

Download the firmware HERE.

Mini USB Compatibility List

This is a group buy.  Manufacturing to start of fulfilment is expected to take approximately 3-5 weeks.  Please do not combine group buy items with in stock items.  

***JST compatible boards are also on these and will work with either,  Just break away the USB tab with a pair of pliers.

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